Ideas Behind Newspaper Costume

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Ideas Behind Newspaper Costume

Have you ever think or tried about how to make a dress out of newspaper? Actually, it is a fun and more creative job. One must have patience, creativity & intelligent to do this task.

The making of newspaper dress is ideal and funny to wear it. It is very cheap & easy to make. All you must need is a lot of patience.

Usually, this type of dress plays an important role in fashion-show. One must be careful in a wearing dress made out of newspaper, as this dress tore fast and easily.

Making a newspaper dress process

Materials needed for newspaper costume preparation are:

  • Newspaper of required length,
  • Glue, Scissor,
  • Shoelace,
  • measurement tape,
  • Sewing pins,
  • Fabric strap,
  • Mannequin (optional)

Collecting newspaper to make a paper dress

If you are a subscriber of regular newspaper then take sufficient paper for making newspaper dress. If you don’t have the newspaper, get it from your neighbor or collect it from your near old paper shop where you can get per kg of Newspaper just for Rs.10/-

making of newspaper dress

Start to make a paper dress

Now split the dress into two parts as the top & skirt. First start the work to make the top, as skirt work is very easy and doesn’t take much time for completion.

Take a lengthy paper, add one more base of the same size to get the thickest body shape. Strap it with the help of fabric tap or with cello tape.

Steps to make a Top- dress made out of newspaper

Take a measurement for the top-stitching with the help of the tape. Now cut the stick paper as per the measurement and allow it to get into the body easily.

Draw the neck pattern with the help of pencil and cut accordingly. If you find difficulties, make a top with the front open button that helps for easy wearing.

It helps to save your costume when you wear from your head. Take the waist measurement and add one more cm, as the tight top may tear the newspaper, so add one or two cm extra that fits your waist to save your newspaper costume.

Ways to stitch the skirt for newspaper costume

Take a lengthy newspaper that has 4 sides. Take same model newspaper of about three to four papers. Paste the paper one on another with the help of fabric glue & tape.

Take the measurement for making a newspaper dress with the help of measurement tape, measure the length of the skirt as per your requirement.

Now cut the newspaper length accordingly, and fix or tape the hip size for the skirt. Now with the help of newspaper gently cut a newspaper costume of skirt about 2 cm at the back.

It creates a slit at the back that helps to move your leg easily when you wear the skirt. It helps to prevent the skirt from fast tore. The skirt model dress made out of newspaper is ready, it is easy to wear and convenient to use.

Best fit newspaper costume for party

Now your complete paper dress made out of newspaper is ready. You can wear just for fun or for any Halloween party or party with friends for fun. The newspaper costume looks more identical and more creative.

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