Best Methods to Make Simple & Creative DIY Fabric Wallet

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Best Methods to Make Simple & Creative DIY Fabric Wallet

A DIY wallet is, of course, everyone’s most favorite handheld item. As we go out, we usually take our Smartphone & wallet along with us. A DIY fabric wallet is something more creative and colorful in look & use.

This DIY wallet can be used for our own purpose & it will be the best choice for gifting to someone in your family to your precious mom or to your friends. In today session, we are going to see easy & simple ways of how to make a fabric wallet?

Materials required for making a cloth wallet

It is simple & easy to make a DIY wallet. You can design based on your required size & favorite color. It can also be made for someone who is special to you.

DIY Fabric WalletThis DIY fabric wallet is perfect to carry your cards, money, phone, photos of your favorites. It is easy to make, carry, handle & use. Take the following items for making a cloth wallet.

  • Fabric material in 2 different colors
  • A cloth material or a strong chart for inside material
  • Iron Box
  • Small color flowers for decoration
  • Small keychain for attraction
  • Zip
  • Thread & Sewing Items

Step by Step process to make a wallet out of fabric

Take a fabric material of your choice with approximately of size 9” * 6” inch. (Select the size as per your requirement) make sure that your material is in a rectangle shape.

Place a pink chart or white chart and paste with glue on the fabric. You can also take a cloth material and stitch it for cloth material inside. Both are advisable & easy to make.

After gluing with the inside chart, gently bind the corners of the DIY fabric wallet with the chart & do proper ironing. This helps to stick the glue with the fabric material tightly.

Now take a small fabric and fold the fabric wallet as per the required model and stitch or glue with the division part.

Now your DIY wallet is ready. Now take the second fabric material of the second color, and cut the fabric for pocket size and gently sew the pocket size fabric with the DIY fabric wallet to make a wallet out of fabric.

Two different colors of fabric material make the DIY wallet so beautiful in look & attract the people to buy it or to use it. Snip out the corners of the wallet with the help of scissors.

Now place a zip with the help of sewing threads and attach a small keychain at the Zip edge. This really gives a beautiful look on the wallet & attracts the kids.

A small artificial flower must be pasted on the front side of the fabric wallet gives the most beautiful attraction of the wallet.

Now your DIY fabric wallet is ready for use. You can also gift this wallet to your favorite ones. Kids especially love it. It is easy to make, fancy to use, cheaper to design, & best to gift.

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